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Bisconti Avvocati is an international law firm that was founded in 1998 in Palermo (Italy).

Quality, professional excellence and a high standard of specialisation are the cornerstones of the Firm.

Firm’s Clients are individuals, corporations, groups, multinationals, institutions, private and public entities. Bisconti Avvocati provides Clients with ordinary judicial and extra judicial legal assistance but also with specialized and customized legal services.

The reach of Bisconti Avvocati is enhanced through its alliance with other Italian law firms located in Rome and Milan; such alliance ensures clients to have access to top-tier legal services.

Besides Italian, other work languages in use are English and Spanish.


The Firm offers a broad range of legal services in the following areas:

Civil law

Our experience and expertise encompass all areas of civil law. We specialise in contract law, property law, consumer protection, family law (separation, divorce, child custody and visitation, adoption etc.), succession and law of torts.

Bisconti Avvocati also gained a remarkable experience in the creation of Trusts and the Firm is available to be appointed as trustee.

Real Estate

Bisconti Avvocati provides legal assistance to individuals and entities with reference to assets and real estate located in Italy or subject to Italian law.

We assist our clients on development and construction law, acquisitions, disposals, due diligence, lettings and leases, property management.

We also specialise in transactions including luxury real estate.

The Firm’s expertise extends to real estate related administrative law (zoning, environmental and safety) and tax law.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Bisconti Avvocati provides domestic and foreign corporations and entities with legal assistance on general corporate and commercial matters at any stage of their development.

The Firm offers a range of legal services involving the incorporation of companies, the drafting of parasocial agreements and other shareholder’s agreements and arrangements, mergers and acquisition (M & A), the organization of joint-ventures, international debt collection and credit recovery.

The Firm also advises in connection with commercial contracts (supply, distribution, franchising, agency, licence agreements, etc.) and our professionals participate in the negotiation and preparation of documentation.

Administrative Law

Bisconti Avvocati provides assistance on administrative law issues in the following sectors: public tenders, urban, construction, expropriations, health-care, licenses, authorizations and permits, public benefits and funding, agreements and contracts with public administrations.

The Firm assists Clients in administrative litigation before the competent Judiciary Authorities and in administrative proceedings before Administrative Authorities.

Enviromental Law

Growing concerns over energy and climate change have permanently altered the way companies do business. Our expertise in enviromental law, which increasingly attracts attention from EU and national legislators, ensures our Clients that they will receive high quality assistance on all the matters of this area.

Bisconti Avvocati has reached significant experience in the renewable energy and alternative energy sources sector. The Firm has provided legal advice on authorisation issues and consulted on location, coherence with landscape and enviromental restraints, coherence with existing infrastructures and regional Plans, expropriation, relationships with involved local bodies and has drafted the related contractual agreements.

The Firm also advises on waste management and disposal.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide specialist advice and representation to our Clients on litigation on the above-mentioned matters.

Particular emphasis is placed on pre-litigation assistance in order to prevent or settle possible disputes, even by implementing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices, through the arrangement of settlements agreements and extrajudicial conciliation acts.

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